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Emily Carr House

Emily Carr House and Gardens, a National and Provincial Historic Site, is a small gem of Canadian culture. Located at 207 Government Street in Victoria, the restored building pays tribute to great artist, author and nature-lover Emily Carr.

Eighth in a family of nine children, Emily was born in 1871, the year British Columbia joined Confederation. She was fiercely proud of this fact, which influenced her existence and creativity.

By exploring her childhood home, you’ll gain a sense of the context in which she grew up, as well as appreciate how she was so remarkably modern and ahead of her time. After touring the home of this First Nations champion, sit awhile in the garden and enjoy a complimentary refreshment to fully savour your experience.

The gift shop may also interest you, with its fine selection of posters and prints, as well as Emily Carr’s Governor General’s Award-winning book, Klee Wyck. You can also book a reservation for a special visit with artist Karen Lenz.

Information: www.emilycarr.com


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