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Island Gourmet Trails

Located in the Comox Valley, Island Gourmet Trails is the creation of distinguished chef and educator Gaëtane Palardy. Let her guide you and share her vast knowledge and love of gourmet foods.

Ms. Palardy is a seasoned traveller whose interest in different cultures has defined her way of cooking, eating, tasting and experimenting with food. She believes the Comox Valley is the perfect place to indulge her passion for fine food. So she invites you to take a culinary tour and discover local producers and their products, and find great ideas for sensational dishes!

Of course, there are tastings and delicious meals to be enjoyed throughout the tours, regardless of which one you choose. Gaëtane Palardy will also give you an opportunity to cook with her during one of her classes. The Comox Valley’s lush and fertile terrain is full of culinary bounty ready to be gathered and tasted.

The region’s original name, “Komox,” means land of plenty. The culinary pleasures of the Comox Valley are a three-hour drive from Victoria.

Information: www.IslandGourmetTrails.ca


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