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O’Brien’s Whale and Bird Tours

O’Brien’s was one of the first Newfoundland companies to offer boat tours, more than 30 years ago. Their hospitality has only improved with time, so much so that the onboard experience locals and tourists enjoy stays with them for a lifetime. The proof? Newfoundlanders choose O’Brien’s Boat Tours over everyone else! The ultimate maritime adventure is only about a 30‑minute drive from St. John’s. Glide alongside 10,000‑year‑old icebergs, be awed by the impressive population of humpback whales, take in the majestic flight of the colourful Atlantic puffin, and breathe in the sea air from this amazing part of the country. You can also set sail on a coastal adventure in search of geological and wildlife treasures. O’Brien’s also encourages you to visit the country’s oldest capital, St. John’s, brimming with historical, cultural and culinary gems. With so much to see, why not unwind at The Narrows Bed & Breakfast? O’Brien’s provides a shuttle service (for a fee) from hotels and B&Bs around St. John’s. In short, the marvels of land and sea that Newfoundland has to offer are handed to you on a golden platter!


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